Solid wood, high performance, and naturally beautiful.

Here at Heninger Woodworks we are avid waterskiers. As such we thought it only right to build our own skis. Tried and tested, we now pass these hand made, solid wood beauties on to you.

Each ski performs with the qualities of the wood it’s built with, making each ski a one-of-a-kind. The advantage wood ski have is all in the material. Wood skis have the ability to absorb vibration better, making a smoother ride. They retain their strength and spring much longer (20-30 years), so it's the same ski every time you hit the lake. Definitely no need for graphics or stickers to cover the beautiful wood grain patterns of the ski.



The nature of the wood makes every ski unique.

Hickory skis have 5 layers of 5mm veneer with a clear finish. Hickory produces a ski that has less rocker to it, has no torsional flex, stiff, and very fast. If you're all about cranking it every time you're behind the boat, this is the ski for you!!

Ash skis have 7 layers of 3mm veneer with a clear finish. Ash produces a ski that has more flex to it, more forgiving, and lets you push it around if you want. A great all round ski for cruising and enjoying a day at the lake!!