Our cabinets are built from the highest quality lumber, sheet goods and hardware.

Things to consider when planning your cabinets:

Entertainment wall unit in Hickory
Wall unit done in Hickory, mission style, medium brown stain with an oil/wax finish.
Materials are the single biggest choice in cabinetry because this is what your cabinets will be built from. The most common materials are solid wood, wood veneer, plywood (Baltic birch, G2S, G1S, construction grade),  melamine or MDF. Very often it is a combination of a few of these. Common sheet-good thickness for cases of either 5/8" or 3/4" is the next choice considering the strength needed for your application. Colour comes next; natural, stained or painted, what do you want to see? Finish (the protective clear coat) is the last item to consider. Lacquer is by far the most common for its durability and ease of application. Another finish gaining speed is an oil/wax combination (which we love!!) is still very durable but soaks into the wood rather than sitting onto like lacquer. It comes in a satin sheen and make the piece fell so soft to the to touch.

Drawers and retrofitting drawers

open drawer detail

All our cabinet drawers are built from 1/2" Baltic birch, colour is natural and finished with 2 coats of lacquer. Standard drawer slides are full extension, ball bearing slides. Over the years we have found this to be the best combination of strength and durability. drawers take a lot of abuse and should not be over looked when designing a lasting quality product.

Counter tops

Maple cabinetDon't forget the counter tops!! Heninger Woodworks builds all our own laminate and solid wood tops. This way we can guarantee a perfect fit over top your custom cabinetry. If you prefer a laminate self edge, wood edge, chamfered or profiled edge, built up edge, or any other kind of edge, we got you covered.